Creative Strategist

What i like to do

Digital Writer
NIS / BASTARDO / Neotipo

Since I knew I could not be an astronaut I decided to live in imagination.
I've never finished correcting a novel but I've writed almost infinite ones (10x490). I have developed computerized narrative systems that seek to understand poietics issues such as memory, time, the narrator, the user...

Phd / Profesor (UNAM)

Lectures in some countries and since 2010 professor of narratives, screenwrites and the digital revolution in UNAM, Centro, Ibero, among others.
Doctoral Candidate in Digital Media (CONACYT, CEPE-UNAM scholarships for academic excellence).
I am currently developing a Creativity Lab.

Creator of Simulators of Experiences

I believe that life is built by personal experiences and narratives.
My favorite project is Neotipo: Life Experiences Through Digital Simulation Narratives: "Neotipo generates formats and digital contents that allow linking a narration with the reality of the user and generate immersive and interactive experiences[...]"

In deconstruction

Interactive Television
Tv adapted generates formats and digital contents that allow linking a narration with the reality of the user and generate immersive and interactive experiences
First ideas: Solario.
The first mexican cultural magazine in the web (2003) and a printed edition (Edmundo Valadés 2006 scholarship, FONCA)
Creativity Lab
Learning platform for a digital world. You decide what subjects to take and what you need to be able to realize your creative projects and your personal searches.
Publishing House
NonInfinitestories uses digital combinatorial processes, specific narrative rules and optimization of fragmented works in chapters or short narrative blocks that offer multiple readings, almost infinite texts. (Theory: Eternity in literature: a practical case)


Orlando University (2020): Non Infinite Stories...

UNAM (2018): The machine that learned creativity

Digital Narratives: The transformations in the creative process, textuality and user-reader participation from digital media

Talks about Artificial Inteligence

Ibero (México, 2020) Talk about AI y Covid

UNAM (México, 2018) Conference: AI and Creativity


Eternity in Literature: A Case Study

Can we reach eternity?
In this text, we want to show how the construction of a narrative instant and its almost infinite bifurcation allows us to glimpse eternity. This almost infinite reading allows us to analyze both time and the creative process from the evocation of that eternity

Neotipo: Simulation Manual

How is reality portrayed with the digital world? How do we construct our identity as characters and reality as an interpretation? It is not a simple question, because reality goes beyond itself. We are the narrative that we make of the simulated reality.

The Body at Work

Essay on the poetics of the Creative Process, the way artists create and concretize their process from the impulse that leads them to write to the seventh phase: correction.
This text is based on the creation and writing of Farabeuf by Salvador Elizondo.



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