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I create eternity

It´s easy. You can too.

All you have to do is write an instant in 18 specific ways or 21 memories, at the length you decide, and the NIS System combined and optimized your text, and the result is more versions of that single moment than there are seconds in the universe: more stories than physical time makes eternity.

I create eternity by creating nearly infinite stories. 

But we can count the versions so I call them Non-Infinite Stories.
And the system I developed to create them is the NIS system.

You can create eternity.

And you can learn how in less than 2 hours.

It's easy to experience than explain so I decide to open the system so others can use it and write eternity, create multiverses or others themes and co-creations.

The promise: In two hours you can create an almost infinite story.
Because is a methodology, if you want to expand your stories theres a 90 days workshop too.

So first step: Choose, You want to write or be a quantum reader?

This is an exercise for readers also. You choose the genre, style of optimization or book and press a bottom: you get a unique text.
All the books are quantum narratives because the only existing version in infinite posibilities is the one that the reader holds.

Second step... you're gonna learn how to use the system to create expansive stories to your reader and have a unique experience each time they develop your story until eternity.

Next Workshop

Infinite stories with the Nis System


06/2021: Be a Quantum Storyteller and write a many worlds interpretation.
Suscribe and get this Method to create Eternity

What do you want to be
in this quantum possibility?

NIS Write
Infinite Author

In 90 days you can create a quantum book.
Write, invent or choose a trama, the system will make your book so the reader gets a unique version 

Eternal Co-creator

In 2 hours you can create the eternity of your instant.
Also, rewrite a classic novel, more than 1001 Arabic Nights or create your mutiverse about Insanity in a infinite train, Love in Japan with Multiple Universe in a atomic era or Bastardo 96: Rewrite Bastardo, in 2021 included in the ELC4... just be a Bastard and rewrite this story about white supremacy, the meaning of the name and a conqueror in África with more than 4 billons optimice stories.

Lecturas cuánticas

Be a Quantum reader with the certainty that you are going to read a unique book, a text that only exist when you are reading it.
Lose your version in infinite iterations or download the PDF



Duration: 2 hours (4 micro sessions plus exercises)

1: The text

Practice: Each student's development a fragmented idea about the macro-history proposed

2: The NIS system
In 20 minutes you understand Dynamics, categories and optimization of the NIS program. 

3: Writing and construction of the macrostructure
Writing and rewriting,your process

4: Publish
Iterate and share

Call to action

In minutes you can write an infinite story

Select the theme that suits you and start writing

The system work in seconds

Decide the rules and formulas of narrative optimization for your specifici story

You can read a unique version of any story, any time

Si te gusta, repeat

How it works

What we do

The I Ching can tell you possible futures. Depending on how 3 coins land in a series of tosses, you'll get a different fortune – and therefore a different story of how you should or could procede. And in the classic tale of the Arabian nights, every night the sultan hears a different story. These are examples of multilinear texts.
In this workshop you will create a multilinear story that has so many different possibilities as to seem nearly infinite. 

How the System Works

We'll do this using Non Infinite Stories, a da dynamic electronic publishing system I created that gives each reader their own unique story. For the reader, this means a captivating experience and for the writer, this opens possibilities of new storytelling with the combinations of specific fragments.

Workshop: Create your own quantum narratives

The workshop is open to everyone without writing or technological skills.
Technology is creating the opportunity to explore our creative ideas in ways previously unimaginable. In this workshop, you'll learn about the creative possibilties of Quantum Narratives and what it means not only for you as a creative, but also for the future of narrative storytelling

Predefined-Infinite Stories

The multiplicity of identity

Hishima is a Japanese island located 15 kilometers from Nagasaki that was abandoned in 1974 after being the most populated city in the world. Hishima is a infinite novel that seeks to replicate the cosmological theory of the multiverse, the finite possibilities of conformations of parallel universes by experiential changes, so that the reader is part of a story of mutation.
It is about Santiago, a young Mexican with an identity crisis who travels to Japan to fulfill a death promise. 
And the reader expand the other story what happend in the island where each space transports to different situations iterated and optimized to create a unique history of the island and how Haru meet Maoko.
Each variation represents a possible world.

Self Fiction

This story starts with the idea that you have Alzheimer's and the doctor asks you to write down the memories you want to keep. In the face of the disease, a question arises: what scenes of your life defines you?
Doris Lessing says in her autobiography that "As I begin to write, the eternal question immediately begins to haunt us: Why do you remember this and not that?"
Once the authors remembered or invented their fragments we combined them in every possible way and restated causality on the principle that if things had happened before or after other events, your life would have been different?
In 90 days you are going to create let's imagine 96 memories, that gives you 10^149 possible readings of a life.
If you choose to optimize it with aristotelic rules (2 acts in life: born-growth-decline) you got 4 billion coherent stories achieved of a life.

The infinite madness
Coral Fiction

At the end of the nineteenth century, a train travelled through Brazil, stopping in every town where passengers got on and off. The peculiarity was that the last station was a psychiatric hospital, so a car was destined to the patients of the sanatorium.
On this anecdote, the plots is developed. The characters will travel in this train and the stories of all the insanes will be structured in the journey or in the process before or after the train.
First you choose the genre and style. Then, from a table with 10 pre-established characters their protagonist to share four minimum elements under the principle that contradiction is not a conflict because it enriches the reading.
We decided to use a historical plot to give writers the freedom to dealing with madness and reason, create realistic and fantastic stories without losing verisimilitude.  

Do you want to create eternity with Non-Infinite Stories?

Create multiverses.
Write me at

1 Colaborative Infinite book


Maximum 1 month

  • 2 hour workshop
  • 1 personal session
Your personal Infinite Stories


Per month

  • 3 infinites plots
  • 3 private sessions
  • 90 days methodology
Infinite Creator


One year

  • Workshop:  Build your personal quantum story
  • 1 monthly personal session
  • Unlimited Infinite Texts

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