Duration: 2 hours (4 micro sessions plus exercises)

1: The text

Practice: Each student's development a fragmented idea about the macro-history proposed

2: The NIS system (20 min)  
The construction of the system. Dynamics, categories and motivation of the NIS program. 

3: Writing and construction of the macrostructure
Writing and rewriting process by students
4: Publish
Iterate and share
simple website templates


 Non Infinite Stories© seeks coherence by alternating fragments and not grammas or minimum sentence units. The fragments, whether paragraphs or chapters, have a preconstructed coherence, given by the human author. But the machine allows us to reconstruct the meaning of the text because, unlike in basic mathematics, in narrative the order of the factors alters the product (when we see the resolutions as generic elements within the elective qualities of the adaptive text I will go into these elements). To do this, NIS uses digital combinatorial processes, specific narrative rules and optimization of works fragmented into nodes or short narrative blocks to generate multiple possible readings with different approaches and resolutions, specific to each reader. 
Digital tools allow the transformation of the fixed relationship of the plot to a specific reconfiguration created by opening the discourse between the user and the machine and breaking the interpretative postulate of the theory of reception, the co-creator / active reader can be offered a personalized service. work. Our idea is that this will result in profound changes in the way stories are told and read.

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